How did you come up with Ianto's name?
We first heard the name "Ianto" in one of our favourite TV shows, Torchwood. I suggested it to Scott one day as a joke because we were stuck trying to think of boys' names - we'd picked his middle name but not his first.

How do you pronounce Ianto's name?
I say it differently almost every time I say it, but it's kind of like "Yan-TOH" or "Ee-YAN-toh"

What caused Ianto to die?
Right now, we don't know.

I'm a Torchwood fan. You named him "Ianto Jack" after both characters, didn't you?
Yes and no. We picked "Jack" because Scott's family tradition is that boys have "J" middle names. We couldn't agree on one, and finally agreed on Jack. From that moment, it wasn't going to change. As I said earlier, I suggested "Ianto" as a joke - We were watching Children of Earth, and I wondered out loud what Gwen's baby would be named. Then I said "Probably something like Ianto Jack, or Jack Ianto."
Which turned into "well, if Smudge is a boy, his middle name's going to be Jack, so we should get in first, haha isn't that funny?"
Which in turn became "Actually, that's a good idea..." And the rest is history.

Why "Sweet Soft Smudge"?
Sweet: The smell of Ianto's skin was very sweet, plus it looked like he was sleeping "sweetly"
Soft: His skin, again. It was very soft.
Smudge: Ianto's nickname in utero was Smudge because on our first ultrasound he just looked like a smudge on the screen with a little heartbeat.

Why are Ianto's hands and feet black in the photos?
They're black because of the ink that was left behind from doing his hand and foot prints. They were done just after he was born, and we bathed him straight after that, so I still wasn't sure how hard I could scrub at his skin (having heard that a lot of stillborn babies have "loose" skin that breaks easily)

After I realised I could be a bit rougher (for lack of a better word) I tried to wash it off using some handwash on a tissue, but it had stained his skin by then.