June 01, 2014

The year of giving

Somehow I've managed to spend a great deal of the past month or two preparing for and completing various charity events. I walked for breast cancer research in the Mothers' Day Classic on May 11th, and on the 24th I did an hour on a treadmill as part of Team Heartfelt to raise money for Very Special Kids.

Coming up is a bigger, slightly more permanent "challenge". SIDS & Kids Australia are running a "Dare to Care" campaign for Red Nose Day this year, and I'm participating. While some Dares are a bit more... well, daring, mine will be staying with me for quite some time. I'm dyeing my hair the colours of the rainbow. Say goodbye to my lovely (ha!) blonde locks, from the 26th of June, I'll have the seven-colour spectrum in there!

As it stands right now, I'm not on the individual leaderboard yet; but due to a lack of teams so far I'm single-handedly coming third on the team leaderboard. I'd love to have three things happen:
  1. Reach the individual leaderboard.
  2. Have more people join me on Team Ianto.
  3. Reach the top of either leaderboard.
  4. Most importantly - Have a hell of a lot of money raised for SIDS & KIDS no matter who it's donated through.
How can you help?
  • You could take on a Dare yourself and join Team Ianto. It doesn't have to be the same Dare as me - it doesn't even have to be rainbow themed!
  • You can donate money here.
  • You can donate your time by helping me find a hairdresser willing to take on this challenge with me (I still haven't locked anyone in), by designing posters for me to pass around, or anything else you think might help physically. Got a newsletter you can put this information in? Feel free!
  • You can spread this link around like wildfire. The more people that see it, the more people will donate.
Of course, I don't care if people don't want to donate through me. If you want to set up a page for yourself as an individual, go for it. If you'd prefer to just buy Red Nose Day merchandise in stores, wonderful! It's all about saving babies and children. SIDS & Kids were a wonderful help when Ianto died, and I just want to pass that on to all other bereaved parents.

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