November 19, 2013

Mother Blessing

Well, readers, long time no write! (Why do I feel like I write something similar every. single. time?)

As you may well remember from my last post - way back on my birthday in June - I announced my pregnancy. Well, I'm still very much pregnant! I'm not sharing my exact due date with many people, but next month is my due month.

Last Saturday, the 16th, I hosted my Mother Blessing - also known as a blessingway. It was wonderful. You might remember that I was miserable during my baby shower when pregnant with Amelia, but this time (almost) everything went according to plan. The cake I made was awesome, although I accidentally made the icing a little too thick in my attempts to make it look good.

Get it? It's supposed to be me, in the birth pool. I didn't get to see the initial destruction of it though, because I was getting henna applied to my bump at the time and wasn't allowed to move. Almost everyone had some kind of henna on them, once the artist arrived. She was an hour and a half late. Yeah, not going to be recommending her to anyone anytime soon. But she did do some lovely work!

I had everyone decorate birth flags for me as well, so I can hang them up in my birth space and look at them during labour. Everyone has a different style, and I love each of them in different ways.
We got started on a birthing necklace for me to wear, but it's not quite finished yet. I need to add spacer beads and a few that had been forgotten at guests' homes. If I don't come back to share the finished product, you should be able to see it once I get my birth photos up.

One of the most symbolic things we did was tying a red cord around everyone's wrists to bind us together until the baby is born. When everyone gets the news, they cut the cord. Nice, simple, but a lovely sentiment. I felt very connected to each of the women who came to honour my upcoming passage into being a mother of three, and I'll never forget how loved I feel right now.

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