May 29, 2013

Pictures in my mind

A little while ago, I was listening to a song played at Ianto's funeral, and started thinking about that day. There are some parts I just can't get across in words. I wish I could tell you all about how Scott and I spent an hour in silence before heading to the wake, how that was the only time we had alone together that day. How we cried together, embraced each other, and just sunk into that grief. We had to put our "brave" faces back on soon after, but I don't think we would have survived the past three and a half years without those moments alone just being us.

This was a lot longer in my head, but I'm getting a headache. I'll leave you with this little tidbit: Amelia latched on to her brother's name last night and was running around yelling "ANTO! ANTO!" - I cried a little, I admit. She's been a bit speech-delayed, so I'm happy she's finally starting to get more words. Though the hysterical "No! No giss!" when I asked for a kiss tonight may have been a bit much...

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