January 25, 2012

Do you doula? I do doula, I do!

I'm so slack on this blog (and yes, I know I keep saying it). I forget to come and update when things happen. For example, I had a fantastic post planned for after Xmas, because we had a great week, but I never got around to writing and posting it. In fact, my last post? Scheduled that back in August and forgot about it. 


 Now, I'm sure you've noticed the title of this post, and you're wondering what it's about. Those who are a little closer to me will know. I'm a student doula now. Wondering what a doula is? A doula is essentially someone who is there for a mother in labour, helping her to focus and try to get the birth she wants. If you re-read Amelia's birth story, you'll remember I had a friend as my doula. She's a student as well.


I actually started studying in November, but after a brief "new student" blast of motivation, I didn't look at anything through December. Until this week. I've finished my first (draft) assignment, refined my website, and started on my second module. I even got a call out of the blue from a prospective client, but panicked and lost confidence in myself. Still mad at myself for that one.


I'm hoping that once I get trained up a bit more and attend a few births, I'll be confident enough to give my name to some hospitals and midwives. And then I want to support women going through stillbirths/late miscarriages (or early, but not many women hire a doula before the second trimester). I obviously have the experience on this end, but I'm going to try to get some extra bereavement training. Although things went rather well with Ianto's birth, it might have been nice to have a specialised doula there too.


Also? Pelvises suck. Too many complicated bits and pieces to remember.


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