September 15, 2011

Today, I am. But not always.

Today is R U OK? Day. If you don't know what that is, it's a day when we're meant to ask people if they're okay, and be honest when we are asked ourselves. It's to help people with depression, or who may be contemplating suicide (the two don't always go hand in hand!)

So, what about me? Well, today I think I am okay. I'm pretty good at knowing when in going to have a bad day, and I try to reach out, though it's not always successful. The other day was a bad one. I felt so alone, so rejected by the people around me. It was the worst I'd felt in quite a while. Lately, a smile from Amelia is all it takes to pull me out, but this time she couldn't help. This time, I just wanted her to be able to talk to me, let me know she was listening... I needed a friend.

So, while it is important to ask the question today, don't think that means you don't have to ask it all the time. Today, I'm okay. Tomorrow I might not be.


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