August 18, 2011

Breaking the rules

Before Ianto was born, and then while I was pregnant with Amelia, I made a set of Internal rules.

I was going to have a completely natural, epidural-free birth, preferably in a position that allowed gravity to do a lot of the work.

I was going to do baby-led weaning with my children, no pureed food would touch their lips!

And heaven forbid I start before six months!

I would never EVER be so mean as to take a photo of them crying rather than rushing straight to them and making sure they were okay!

I'd never make fun of them by putting them in silly hats or anything else that fit on their heads!

I'd never get someone to take a photo of me making fun of them!

And no way would I get a baby bath when just a normal tub or sink would do the job just as well.

You know what? While I do feel a slight sense of letting myself down, I am damn proud I've stuck to the things that really matter the most to me.

Not one drop of formula has touched these lips.

She is a complete "booby monster".

I have learned most of her cues - hungry, tired, grumpy... Though I do admit to sometimes not having a clue.

I have a happy little girl...

...who is so clever...

...and growing up so quickly.

She knows she is loved. And not just by her reflection in the mirror.

She will know about her brother from the moment she can understand.

I'm not perfect, not even by my own standards. But I am the very best mother I can be to Amelia and Ianto, and never will I apologise for that. That's all anyone should aspire to.

Disclaimer: no, I'm not saying formula feeders or those who don't know their baby's cues are bad parents - they're just two things that I hold important in my own parenting. The love part, on the other hand, should be universal.

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  1. I love that you've used pictures to tell the story along with your words. Such a beautiful post, made me teary at the end. x

  2. Please don't be defensive when I say this, but proudly sharing that 'not one drop of formula has touched these lips, is kind of saying that you feel it's poison!

    Sooooo happy for you that you've reached your goal, truly! It's a joyous thing. But why oh why does everyone have to say over and over and over how anti formula they are?! Just one little opinion (from someone who also breastfeeds actually). I just don't feel the need to make anyone else feel bad. Saying it out loud does.

    Please forgive me for saying, but comments like that can only hurt others. Just something to consider. I wasn't going to say so, but I noticed and liked how you wrote above that it would make you happy to know what people think and how you can improve.

    x Jen


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