July 16, 2011

Meet Smidge

Meet Smidge. He's a bit sideways at the moment, but that's Blogger's fault, not mine ;)

He's looking forward to meeting some new friends. I'm planning to send him to a family somewhere in Australia, where he's going to spend a week with them before being sent on to another family, and so on and so forth.

What I want these families to do is, at the end of their week with Smidge, send me an email with some photos of him having fun along with a letter about his travels to put on the blog.

If you want to be one of the families Smidge visits, send me an email with your address at rainbowfundraiser@gmail.com - it can be a PO Box if you like, and only I and the family who will be sending Smidge to you will have it.

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  1. Argh, sorry, it's rainbowfundraiser, singular, not plural! I'll edit as soon as Blogger lets me...


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