June 29, 2011

One on one time with my babies

This originally started as a Facebook status, but got far too long.

I was just thinking about how this is probably the longest I've ever been completely alone with Amelia since she was born. Scott's been at work all day, and for once I haven't gone out anywhere, just stayed home. I even managed to do a little housework - a major task for me! I've even cooked dinner for just me. Yes, shocking, I know.

Ahem. Back to my point...

Then I started thinking about Ianto and realized Scott probably had more one-on-one time with him than I did. Aside from when he was alive inside me, I mean. And time spent at the cemetery. I find that odd. Not upsetting, just... Odd. Scott went home when Ianto was a few hours old, but came back fairly quickly. But in that time I had midwives and counselors come in to talk to me, and the food lady give me some more disgusting food. But when I left them for a little while when my brothers came to visit (they couldn't bring themselves to come into the room, so I went with them to the kiosk for lunch), they were alone. Every other moment was spent with just all three of us, and whoever else was there.

Us against the world, baby

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