May 31, 2011

Red Nose Day Launch 2011

On Sunday Amelia and I went to the Red Nose Day launch at Luna Park. It wasn't really much aside from the rides, a sausage sizzle and apperances by Captain Feathersword and Dorothy the Dinosaur (Milly and I were more interested in the street market nearby, to be honest) but it was great to see that so many people turned up. I had fun with the "crazy mirrors" while there:

I'm getting very into Red Nose Day this year - you may have noticed to the left that I've set up a fundraising page in Ianto's name, and I bought a Red Nose Day iPhone cover. I also bought a giant red nose which I plan to wear on the day itself, and hopefully I'll be able to convince Amelia to put the smaller one on for some photos as well.

This is what my phone now looks like, only more awesome in real life.

You can find most of the Red Nose Day products at Target or the official site. If you don't know much about Red Nose Day or SIDS and Kids, go here to learn more.

Completely unrelated to Red Nose Day, look at what I bought at the street market:

A bookmark, handpainted just for me...

And two little angel bells - one for my angel boy who watches over us, and one for my angel on earth. Milly helped me choose them - she was asleep while I was looking, but when I asked myself out loud if I should buy them she grinned. I'd say that's a yes. I think I'll figure out a way to hang them over the changetable.


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  1. The little Angels will also be great on the Xmas tree.
    SIDS does an awesome job for any greif counselling - when my nephew drowned aged 3 they were great for the parents, brother and anyone who needed them so I put my hand in deep every year :)


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