April 05, 2011

Veeery slooowly...

I'm in the process of writing Milly's birth story. I really never noticed just how long-winded I can be though - it's already two Word pages long, and I haven't even reached the part where I went into labour! All I've written is just the pregnancy story... Oops!

I'm waiting to get all the photos together, too, so I won't be posting it until then. I promise I'll make it worth the wait though. Really.

Last Saturday Amelia had her professional photos done. It took a little while to convince her to sleep, but we got there in the end. If anyone wants a sneak peek, look up Chrissy Torney Photography on Facebook - the last two photos in her client album are ours. I can't wait to see the rest and pick out which ones we'll have on the wall...

Also regarding photography, when Milly was six days old we went to the Heartfelt Exhibition! After looking forward to it so much, we finally got to go along... And it was worth the wait. So many photos and stories - and everyone was so nice there, cooing over Amelia and asking about Ianto's picture. It was the one I have in the header of my blog, the one of his feet. I felt so proud of both my babies.

Well, I did want to make this a little longer, but Amelia's starting to stir and she'll be wanting a feed soon. Here's a photo from when we were at Heartfelt:

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  1. That's so great that you are writing a really detailed birth story! I really need to do that still.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm glad to be visiting yours!

  2. Teni, that is a gorgeous photo. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope they bring the Heartfelt exhibit to other states. I look forward to reading your birth story! Well done and congrats again on little Amelia's arrival!

  3. Not sure if you saw my Twitter comment about this post, so I'll say it again.
    It's a beautiful photo, both your babies in it together :)


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