April 07, 2011

I just don't get it

Yet another baby taken from my "village" for no reason whatsoever today. Life isn't friggen fair. Why? Why do so many people have to feel this pain? Dance in rainbows and stars, little girl... Say hello to Ianto for me.

This post is for all our babies - I won't name any here in case their parents don't want me doing so, but please feel free to dedicate a comment to your own if you'd like. Much love and hugs to everyone who has felt or is feeling this pain - whether you're a parent, sibling, auntie or uncle, friend... This is for those we miss more than anything else.

I love you, Ianto.

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  1. Hugs Teni, and all other angel parents

  2. So sorry to hear. It is my friend's little boy William's angel day today (7 yrs).Yes we do miss them more than anything else.
    ^♥^ Trish.


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