April 21, 2011

Hardworking Laziness

Have you ever been too lazy to do one thing, so you do another that actually uses more energy? i found myself doing this twice today, and it's not the first time.

To begin with, this afternoon I set out to simply go to my mum's place - next door. I just wanted to grab a skirt I know is over there so I could go up to the shops and wander around. So, I strapped Amelia into our ABA Clip-on Sling, grabbed a backpack with some nappies, and headed out the door. As I got to the end of our driveway, I grabbed the mail and discovered that Amelia's Dollarmites account book had arrived - very exciting! In my excitement, while reading the letter, I accidentally kept walking past Mum's place. I realised pretty quickly, but I was already on the other side of their house.

Now, a normal person would simply turn around and go back, right? Not me! I decided that since I was already past Mum's place, I might as well keep going and walk to the shops instead. Let me repeat that: instead of turning around and walking twenty steps to my mum's place, I decided to walk ten blocks to the shops. You may begin your ridicule now, but you may want to wait until the next part... It happened again a few hours later.

While on my big walking trip, I stopped in at Coles to grab something to drink. While there, I remembered that I wanted to have cheesy potatoes for dinner tonight, so I made a mental note to grab some cheese... Which I promptly forgot. I was only just out the doors when I remembered - but was too "lazy" to go back in. Instead... I walked all the way back home, bathed Amelia, put her in the car, and drove 45 mins (bad traffic) to visit Scott at work and get a free meal. Sigh.

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