April 29, 2011


Oh goodness. My heart just dropped out of my stomach... If you remember this post you'll probably remember that I entered a "question of the week" competition with it on a site I used to frequent... As a result of that, quite a few members of that site contacted me to offer their condolances, and some to share their own stories. This site is full of men with putrid senses of humour with a disdain for people who don't post often, like me, so I wasn't expecting such a response. One such message was sent about two weeks after the competition from a fellow member who had just lost his daughter the week before.

His daughter Amelia.

Whose name I said was "pretty".

And who I completely forgot about probably within a few hours of reading the message. I didn't return to that site until about half an hour ago, when I logged in and saw that I had "one unread private message" - from that same man, asking how I had coped with the one-year anniversary of losing Ianto, and telling me how he had marked his Amelia's birthday/anniversary.

Ignoring the time difference (it's a UK based site), his Amelia was born exactly one year before my Amelia.

Holy crap.

PS - I know I said I'd be premiering my new signature with today's post, but this isn't the one I had planned. That'll come later when I finish writing it. There's still time to go to facebook and suggest what I should include in it...

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