April 29, 2011


Oh goodness. My heart just dropped out of my stomach... If you remember this post you'll probably remember that I entered a "question of the week" competition with it on a site I used to frequent... As a result of that, quite a few members of that site contacted me to offer their condolances, and some to share their own stories. This site is full of men with putrid senses of humour with a disdain for people who don't post often, like me, so I wasn't expecting such a response. One such message was sent about two weeks after the competition from a fellow member who had just lost his daughter the week before.

His daughter Amelia.

Whose name I said was "pretty".

And who I completely forgot about probably within a few hours of reading the message. I didn't return to that site until about half an hour ago, when I logged in and saw that I had "one unread private message" - from that same man, asking how I had coped with the one-year anniversary of losing Ianto, and telling me how he had marked his Amelia's birthday/anniversary.

Ignoring the time difference (it's a UK based site), his Amelia was born exactly one year before my Amelia.

Holy crap.

PS - I know I said I'd be premiering my new signature with today's post, but this isn't the one I had planned. That'll come later when I finish writing it. There's still time to go to facebook and suggest what I should include in it...

April 21, 2011

Hardworking Laziness

Have you ever been too lazy to do one thing, so you do another that actually uses more energy? i found myself doing this twice today, and it's not the first time.

To begin with, this afternoon I set out to simply go to my mum's place - next door. I just wanted to grab a skirt I know is over there so I could go up to the shops and wander around. So, I strapped Amelia into our ABA Clip-on Sling, grabbed a backpack with some nappies, and headed out the door. As I got to the end of our driveway, I grabbed the mail and discovered that Amelia's Dollarmites account book had arrived - very exciting! In my excitement, while reading the letter, I accidentally kept walking past Mum's place. I realised pretty quickly, but I was already on the other side of their house.

Now, a normal person would simply turn around and go back, right? Not me! I decided that since I was already past Mum's place, I might as well keep going and walk to the shops instead. Let me repeat that: instead of turning around and walking twenty steps to my mum's place, I decided to walk ten blocks to the shops. You may begin your ridicule now, but you may want to wait until the next part... It happened again a few hours later.

While on my big walking trip, I stopped in at Coles to grab something to drink. While there, I remembered that I wanted to have cheesy potatoes for dinner tonight, so I made a mental note to grab some cheese... Which I promptly forgot. I was only just out the doors when I remembered - but was too "lazy" to go back in. Instead... I walked all the way back home, bathed Amelia, put her in the car, and drove 45 mins (bad traffic) to visit Scott at work and get a free meal. Sigh.

April 19, 2011

Top to bottom

From chubby little legs

To pretty little fingers

And cheeky smiles

To rock and roll sunnies

I love this little girl with all my heart.

April 12, 2011

Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter

Ianto looked like Scott. There's no doubt in my mind about that. I mean, look at their profiles here:

They're quite obviously father and son.

Well, now I have my own little clone. Amelia is the spitting image of me when I was a baby. My mum and I keep trying to find some resemblance to Scott in her, but it's almost impossible! You want proof? Check this out:

That's one-day-old me on the left, and few-hours-old Amelia on the right. We even sleep the same way, according to Mum - with hands up near our face.

This post was inspired by Blog This!'s baby photos challenge. I hate to beg, but please vote if you get the chance!

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April 07, 2011

I just don't get it

Yet another baby taken from my "village" for no reason whatsoever today. Life isn't friggen fair. Why? Why do so many people have to feel this pain? Dance in rainbows and stars, little girl... Say hello to Ianto for me.

This post is for all our babies - I won't name any here in case their parents don't want me doing so, but please feel free to dedicate a comment to your own if you'd like. Much love and hugs to everyone who has felt or is feeling this pain - whether you're a parent, sibling, auntie or uncle, friend... This is for those we miss more than anything else.

I love you, Ianto.

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April 05, 2011

Veeery slooowly...

I'm in the process of writing Milly's birth story. I really never noticed just how long-winded I can be though - it's already two Word pages long, and I haven't even reached the part where I went into labour! All I've written is just the pregnancy story... Oops!

I'm waiting to get all the photos together, too, so I won't be posting it until then. I promise I'll make it worth the wait though. Really.

Last Saturday Amelia had her professional photos done. It took a little while to convince her to sleep, but we got there in the end. If anyone wants a sneak peek, look up Chrissy Torney Photography on Facebook - the last two photos in her client album are ours. I can't wait to see the rest and pick out which ones we'll have on the wall...

Also regarding photography, when Milly was six days old we went to the Heartfelt Exhibition! After looking forward to it so much, we finally got to go along... And it was worth the wait. So many photos and stories - and everyone was so nice there, cooing over Amelia and asking about Ianto's picture. It was the one I have in the header of my blog, the one of his feet. I felt so proud of both my babies.

Well, I did want to make this a little longer, but Amelia's starting to stir and she'll be wanting a feed soon. Here's a photo from when we were at Heartfelt:

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