March 11, 2011

Thoughts and feelings after the birth of Amelia (Ianto's little sister)

Well, she's born... Little Amelia Tenielle Margaret Reid!

Whilst I could see Tenielle was physically exhausted after her body's reaction to the gels, improper communication from the hospital to us, and not to mention giving birth to a 3.39kg baby... I felt like I had been the one in labour!

In under 5 minutes of her being born I started literally feeling dizzy with happiness and excitement! I could barely stand because my legs felt funny, but I was too hyped up to sit down! Every now and then a few tears escaped, mainly due to everything that's happened and now this? First we lose Ianto, and now... We are blessed with a gorgeous little princess!

There were lots of photos taken both by me and a friend who was acting as Doula, along with video!

Even now, sitting at work doing my last few shifts before I'm on annual leave to spend time bonding with my family, MY family! That concept itself is weird! Tenielle and I have begun our own family! What better reason could there be for taking time off work? But to spend time with your newborn child!


  1. Congratulations Scott!!! So glad to see your beautiful baby girl. I have been praying for you and your family since I first read this blog a few months ago, and I have been checking back A LOT the past few days anticipating that Cookie might arrive soon.

    Enjoy your time off with Tenielle and Amelia. I'm positive that Ianto is enjoying seeing his little sister too :)

  2. Hearty congratulations, what a gorgeous wee poppet she is. Lovely name too! Enjoy, guys, and go gently xxxx


    Welcome little Amelia!

  4. Woohoo!!! So exciting. Congratulations to you & Teni on the safe arrival of Amelia. Ianto would be so proud to be a big brother xx

  5. Shes beautiful congrats on your little girl And have a great time getting to know her

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you both. Amelia looks like a little princess! Enjoy these early bonding days xxx

  7. Huge congrats to both of you! She is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Teni and Scott - warmest congratulations on the safe arrival of your daughter Amelia.... you truly know grace.

    Enjoy your newborn cuddles.

    There will be times when you remember Ianto and feel sad for the opportunities you're not having with him.... but that's life long now. Your inflatable boy was with on the glorious day that Amelia entered the world.

    Enjoy your family, it's the best.



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