January 03, 2011

What's on my iPod?

I was all ready to send out the best, most awesome New Year's blog post ever... But I never got around to writing it, and it seems 2011 is a lazy one for me (haha, so far at least!)

So instead, I'm going to do the lazy thing and join in with a meme thing I've seen in my Google Reader. All I have to do is grab my iPod (or other music-playing device) and tell you what the first 15 songs are that start playing, with a short explanation of what the song means to me. So you get to see what kind of crappy music I listen to! Yaaay....
    John Barrowman
    • John Barrowman - You'll think of me. There's a lot of JB on my iPod, I fell in love with him as Captain Jack on Doctor Who, and then Torchwood... He's a damn good singer too, so we've got all his CDs. To be honest, usually I'd skip this song.
    • Queen - Another one bites the dust. Ohhhh I love my Queen! Gotta love a good, classic rock band. Freddie Mercury was a fine example of how a celebrity should be. Well, except for the dying-of-AIDS thing. That wasn't so fine.
    • Spamalot cast - He is not dead yet. Bwahahaha! Scott and I saw Spamalot a couple of years ago with a friend and his (thankfully now-ex) wife (actually, she was just a fiance at that point...) and we loved it! Bloody hilarious.
    • Fall Out Boy - This ain't a scene, it's an arms race. A guilty pleasure, really. I quite like Fall Out Boy, even though they are emokids ;)
    • Aqua - Doctor Jones. Oh, gawd my iPod is trying to embarrass me. Yes, I am a huge 90s bubblegum pop. I actually like Aqua. I like this song. It makes me feel like a little kid.
    • Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening. I'm a LP fan as well, I'll admit. This song isn't their best, but it's on my iPod anyway.
    • Billie Piper - Because we want to. I told you my iPod hates me. Yes, I do like this song. I prefer Honey to the Bee though.
    • Pink - Get the party started. A good party starter of a song. Pretty evident in the name, really.
    • (To be honest, the next track was a hypnobabies track...) Madonna - Open your heart. I love pretty much every song Madonna released before I was born. After that, she sorta went downhill a little. 
    • Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last. Oh, how I love this song. So sweet. I used to listen to it a lot and relate my own life to it. Then again, I do that with most songs.
    • U2 - I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Another lovely song. It reminds me of mid-2004 though. A crush I should never have indulged. A person I probably shouldn't have fallen for...
    • Backstreet Boys - The perfect fan. Aww, a sweet song they wrote for their mums. I love my mummy too...
    • Goo goo dolls - Before it's too late. This song's from the Transformers soundtrack, but it's such a beautiful love song. We very almost played it at our wedding.
    • Sixpence none the richer - Kiss me. This song will always remind me of Dawson's Creek. Love the song, loved the show.
    • Rod Stewart - Maggie May. Quite a disturbing song when you think about it.
    Well, that wasn't too bad, considering I was flicking through all the songs on my iPod and not a playlist! It could have played a heap of Scott's songs rather than mine, but it didn't. There we go, you now know how terrible my taste in music is.

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