January 31, 2011

What a slow week!

Phew, last week just dragged! Tuesday, after publishing my last post, I started having small pains and tightenings in my belly - I wasn't really too worried, but Scott was so we went off to the hospital. Turned out they were pretty regular, so they did a few tests to make sure I wasn't in labour. Now that got us both scared and excited! I wasn't in labour, but I did end up staying the night in hospital "just in case" because of last time. Gee it was boring in there! My phone went dead, so I had absolutely no entertainment options... So now I know to bring something with me any time I go to the hospital just in case they admit me again.

The next few days were fairly blah, just sooo long... Saturday was my baby shower, and boy was it hot! We did have fun, but it was just so hot that everyone was just lethargic and a little cranky. I ended up having a massive cry in my brother's bedroom after opening the gifts, because I just felt so overwhelmed, overstimulated, and HOT! I wish it had been a better day, but at least people came, I suppose.

Anyway, this is another pointless post - I'll leave you with a picture of one of my favourite presents, from my cousin...

Gotta love someone who listens to what I want!


  1. Theres nothing like a emotional, hormonal hot pregnant women meltdown.



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