January 10, 2011

I've been hoping...

Sorry for failing on the updates regarding Tony's condition. I've mainly been away from my computer, so I've only been able to keep up via Twitter, forums, and Facebook.

The past few days, our little community has managed to get #prayingfortony trending on Twitter - that's how many people have been touched by this story. It's still up there tonight. I urge everyone with an account to go tweet something, even if it's simply the hashtag. If you don't have an account, leave a comment on Lori's blog. Show her how much love we have.

Sadly, I don't have good news for you. A little while ago, this came through:

My heart sank instantly when I read that. I hadn't entertained the thought that things wouldn't improve, even though I saw this morning that things had started to go downhill again. I had so much hope that it didn't enter my mind.

As I said elsewhere, I've heard so many comforting things the past year that you'd think I'd be an expert at them when people pass. Yet I'm still utterly speechless every time. I never knew Tony, and I only know Lori through words on a screen... But I'm crying for them and their two little ones tonight.

Rest in Peace, Tony. And Lori, know we're all here for you. I'm sending all the love I can spare to you tonight.


  1. You are a kind soul. Treat yourself gently too, don't forget. Grief for another, particularly when you know the pain all too well, can really sap you quickly. It is a tragedy almost beyond comprehension and measure :((

  2. Agreed. Teni, make sure you look after yourself.

    I know Lori & have met Tony half a dozen times & I still didn't know what to say. I agonised over that tweet for 10 minutes rewriting it five times.

    If you want to express your sadness, think of what helped you when Ianto passed away. Was it a hug, was it a simple word, a poem? Use your experience & you will be amazed at how articulate you can be xx


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