January 31, 2011

What a slow week!

Phew, last week just dragged! Tuesday, after publishing my last post, I started having small pains and tightenings in my belly - I wasn't really too worried, but Scott was so we went off to the hospital. Turned out they were pretty regular, so they did a few tests to make sure I wasn't in labour. Now that got us both scared and excited! I wasn't in labour, but I did end up staying the night in hospital "just in case" because of last time. Gee it was boring in there! My phone went dead, so I had absolutely no entertainment options... So now I know to bring something with me any time I go to the hospital just in case they admit me again.

The next few days were fairly blah, just sooo long... Saturday was my baby shower, and boy was it hot! We did have fun, but it was just so hot that everyone was just lethargic and a little cranky. I ended up having a massive cry in my brother's bedroom after opening the gifts, because I just felt so overwhelmed, overstimulated, and HOT! I wish it had been a better day, but at least people came, I suppose.

Anyway, this is another pointless post - I'll leave you with a picture of one of my favourite presents, from my cousin...

Gotta love someone who listens to what I want!

January 25, 2011

"If everything's going well..."

I had a hospital appointment yesterday. It was so frustrating! Out of nowhere, suddenly they bring up that they're thinking of inducing me at 38 weeks. Um... what? No way, Jose.

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...Image via WikipediaNow, before you jump on my back and think I'm crazy for not wanting to go down that route, let me remind you of at least one thing. A normal, average, healthy pregnancy can last between around 37 weeks and 42 weeks. If this pregnancy with Cookie is one of those that is meant to last 42 weeks, I'd be giving birth four weeks too early. S/he won't be ready to be born. Well, s/he wouldn't be ready to be born if we induce at any gestation, really.

I haven't really shown it too much here, but since becoming pregnant with Ianto, I have become quite "birthy." I've learnt so much about it all, and I'm a very strong believer that (healthy) babies should be born when they're ready. Any earlier, and you're essentially forcing them to be premature. Maybe it's only one day earlier, but one day might be the difference between a baby who can breathe on its own and one who needs to spend the night in the NICU. At 38 weeks, a great deal of babies haven't mastered the suck reflex. There goes many people's shot at breastfeeding. The longer a baby is inside its mother, the better, until baby gives out the signal to be born.
An intubated female premature infant born prem...Image via Wikipedia
I know that things can go wrong, and some babies do need to be induced for whatever reason - I'm not saying that we shouldn't ever induce. But to do it for no real reason is just ridiculous in my eyes. And some doctors make up reasons! Why? Shouldn't they know better?

I can possibly understand from a completely non-medical viewpoint - if I didn't know some of this, I'd probably be excited that they're willing to let me have my baby two weeks early. I'd be happy that I had a definite date - if I didn't know that induced labors are tougher on the mother and greatly raise the chance of a caesarean. If I didn't know that a completely natural labour gives a baby the best start it can get in life, and boosts the bonding process between mum and baby, I would agree in a heartbeat.

But I do know these things.

Okay, now I've had my big ranty thing, and you (hopefully) understand where I'm coming from, I'll continue.

When the doctor brought induction up, I was stunned. He actually said that if everything is going well, they want to induce one or two weeks before my due date. He later revised that to a definite two weeks. Seriously? If everything is going well, and Cookie is healthy, they want to force him or her out early. Does that make sense to anyone? I was too stunned to argue back, so I resolved to grow a spine in the next few weeks before it's discussed at my next two appointments. I need to be able to fight this.

Once I got home, I immediately went for my online support group (aka forum) and ranted and raved. Then a few people brought up something I hadn't thought of - maybe the doctors think this is what I want? Maybe they think someone with a history of stillbirth would definitely want to induce before anything went wrong? It makes sense (again, from a non-medical viewpoint) so all I have to do if that's the case is let them know that's not me. I forget sometimes that not everyone is like me and looking up every bit of information they can. Some (most) people just trust the doctor to know best, and don't research things for themselves.

I hope that point is true, and I just need to let them know I'm okay with continuing until Cookie decides s/he's ready.

You know, in all the fuss about the induction, I could almost forget that yesterday I hit 32 weeks. Yep. Cookie is now older than Ianto will ever be. Huh.

January 23, 2011

See you later

For Lulu/Lucy:

(I'll be back later, hopefully, to tell all about Friday's ultrasound)

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January 17, 2011

Have a guess!

Here's one of the promised "happy posts" - I would like you to guess Cookie's stats. Boy or girl, birth date/time, and weight. You can also guess how long s/he will be, but you won't get any points for that. Simply click on this banner (I'll also stick it in the sidebar) and enter your guesses:

Good luck!

January 16, 2011

It's come to "that time"

Note: I promise I'll even up the shittiness of my last few posts with a happy one sometime this coming week. We need some happy. Maybe Friday, when I have another ultrasound?

Today, possibly to the hour, I am at the same gestation with Cookie that I was with Ianto the last time we heard his heartbeat. The last time we walked into a doctor's office and didn't have fear creeping in our heads. Thirty weeks and six days. February 18th.

Everything was normal - I weighed myself when I got there, waited (and waited, and waited...), then I was finally called up... Through the doors, sit down please, how far along are you, when are you due?, roll my eyes because they ask at every appointment, up onto the bed to take your blood pressure, okay lay down and we'll listen to the baby, heartbeat's fine, you're measuring right on dates, thank you doctor, let's go. We had no idea that would be the last time. How were we supposed to know? Everything was fine.

The next time we walked into that hospital, we still thought everything was okay. Thirty two weeks. February 26th.

All I have to say is...

2011, okay, you've shown us all that you're boss. Can you let up now, please? You promised to be such a good year...

Thinking of yet another family going through hell right now.

Gawd, I swear my posts will be back to normal soon.

January 10, 2011

I've been hoping...

Sorry for failing on the updates regarding Tony's condition. I've mainly been away from my computer, so I've only been able to keep up via Twitter, forums, and Facebook.

The past few days, our little community has managed to get #prayingfortony trending on Twitter - that's how many people have been touched by this story. It's still up there tonight. I urge everyone with an account to go tweet something, even if it's simply the hashtag. If you don't have an account, leave a comment on Lori's blog. Show her how much love we have.

Sadly, I don't have good news for you. A little while ago, this came through:

My heart sank instantly when I read that. I hadn't entertained the thought that things wouldn't improve, even though I saw this morning that things had started to go downhill again. I had so much hope that it didn't enter my mind.

As I said elsewhere, I've heard so many comforting things the past year that you'd think I'd be an expert at them when people pass. Yet I'm still utterly speechless every time. I never knew Tony, and I only know Lori through words on a screen... But I'm crying for them and their two little ones tonight.

Rest in Peace, Tony. And Lori, know we're all here for you. I'm sending all the love I can spare to you tonight.

January 07, 2011

Can you help Lori?

Absolutely fantastic blogger and wonderful woman Lori from Random Ramblings of a SAHM is having a bit of a family crisis at the moment. Her husband Tony is in Intensive Care (at this point we in the "blogosphere" don't know why) and is fighting for his life. He's the breadwinner so no matter which way it goes, Lori's family is going to be doing it rough for a little while.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers are banding together to help Lori out with the financial side, raising some money through a widget on our blogs. So please, whether you send a prayer, some positive thoughts, maybe a little bit of money to help her out, please spare a thought for a family who is going through a tough time right now. The widget's down below, and on my sidebar.

Lori, I hope you're reading this with Tony by your side soon. All our thoughts are with you.

I'll be updating this post as more news trickles in, so please feel free to come back over the course of the day.  

Update 10:55am - News is that Tony's not doing well right now. There's a special FYBF (Flog Yo Blog Friday) that has been set up so our little blogging community can send our collective love out. Please join in if you have a blog of your own, even if you've never read RRSAHM.  

Update 1:36pm - Wow. Just wow, people. We've raised close to $500 for Lori already! And apparently about $65 of that is from people donating via here (it has me twice, I'm guessing one for in this post and one for the sidebar.) Still no news on how Tony (AKA The Man) is going, hopefully there will be good news soon.

Update 4:51pm - Over $900 raised already! Fantastic effort, everyone!

Not much by way of actual news, but Lori updated her Twitter about an hour ago with this: "No news yet, but the prognosis is not good. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Love you all-from the bottom of my heart, thank you" so it really isn't sounding good.

Update Saturday 7:07am -  I had an early night last night, so I missed the last update on Tony's condition. Around 8ish last night he was going in for a CT scan to check for brain function. As far as I know, there's been no news since.

We've also raised over $1500!

Update 10:30am - Lori updated her original blog post about fifteen minutes ago with this:

No news as yet. But the prognosis is not good. We are hoping, without getting our hopes up, and it's a frightening, torturous place to be.

Tony is still unresponsive, but I have reason to believe he can hear every word I say. I spent last night sleeping on a chair next to his bed. We held hands all night, just like we used to do when we first met.

My husband had a psychotic episode, and did something completely out of character. It was horrific to watch, and I can only imagine how tortured his own mind must be by what happened.

Please, keep praying. A tiny part of me believes miracles are possible. I can feel all your love and positive vibes. This- the Internet, my community- this is where I've been coming when the pain is so bad I cannot breathe. I read your messages, I feel your prayers, and it gives me faith and comfort.

Please, keep praying. Every little bit helps. My husband is a strong man- the toughest bloke I know-and he can fight this. I know he can.

Lori xo

Here are the instructions for the Blog Hop:
  • If you haven’t already, please read Lori’s post and leave a comment of support for her.
  • Send your prayers and/or good vibes to her and her family.
  • Link up for Lori. Let her know you were here.
  • If it is within your means, consider donating some money to help her family through this difficult time (her husband is the breadwinner and regardless of the outcome, this will be a rough financial ride for them). There is a paypal widget on the sidebar.
  • Spread the word about the Linky so she can have as much support as possible at this time.

The General FYBF Rules:
  1. Follow my blog, the Random Ramblings of a SAHM. I never seem to get to reading all the links here. But believe me, I try. Not that any of this is my idea anyway- FYBF is MummyTime's brainbaby. I stole it.
  2. Grab the bubbly button and post it on your sidebar.
  3. Link your First Name and/or Blog Name and URL of your post or blog.
  4. Add a short description (max of 125 chars). It could be a description of yourself, your blog or a teaser to your latest post.
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  6. The list will be open for linkyers on Fridays (and for the foreigners Friday as well).
  7. A new and fresh link list will open every Friday. And you will have to link up AGAIN. The previous link list does not carry over to the following week.
  8. And lastly, have lotsa fun. I mean it. If I detect anyone not totally loving the awesomeness, I will bump you off the linky list. (Joking) (Kinda).
  9. Ripping off my stuff- including these rules- makes baby Jesus cry. If you are doing your own blog hop, please write your own rules. You know who you are.

    January 03, 2011

    What's on my iPod?

    I was all ready to send out the best, most awesome New Year's blog post ever... But I never got around to writing it, and it seems 2011 is a lazy one for me (haha, so far at least!)

    So instead, I'm going to do the lazy thing and join in with a meme thing I've seen in my Google Reader. All I have to do is grab my iPod (or other music-playing device) and tell you what the first 15 songs are that start playing, with a short explanation of what the song means to me. So you get to see what kind of crappy music I listen to! Yaaay....
      John Barrowman
      • John Barrowman - You'll think of me. There's a lot of JB on my iPod, I fell in love with him as Captain Jack on Doctor Who, and then Torchwood... He's a damn good singer too, so we've got all his CDs. To be honest, usually I'd skip this song.
      • Queen - Another one bites the dust. Ohhhh I love my Queen! Gotta love a good, classic rock band. Freddie Mercury was a fine example of how a celebrity should be. Well, except for the dying-of-AIDS thing. That wasn't so fine.
      • Spamalot cast - He is not dead yet. Bwahahaha! Scott and I saw Spamalot a couple of years ago with a friend and his (thankfully now-ex) wife (actually, she was just a fiance at that point...) and we loved it! Bloody hilarious.
      • Fall Out Boy - This ain't a scene, it's an arms race. A guilty pleasure, really. I quite like Fall Out Boy, even though they are emokids ;)
      • Aqua - Doctor Jones. Oh, gawd my iPod is trying to embarrass me. Yes, I am a huge 90s bubblegum pop. I actually like Aqua. I like this song. It makes me feel like a little kid.
      • Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening. I'm a LP fan as well, I'll admit. This song isn't their best, but it's on my iPod anyway.
      • Billie Piper - Because we want to. I told you my iPod hates me. Yes, I do like this song. I prefer Honey to the Bee though.
      • Pink - Get the party started. A good party starter of a song. Pretty evident in the name, really.
      • (To be honest, the next track was a hypnobabies track...) Madonna - Open your heart. I love pretty much every song Madonna released before I was born. After that, she sorta went downhill a little. 
      • Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last. Oh, how I love this song. So sweet. I used to listen to it a lot and relate my own life to it. Then again, I do that with most songs.
      • U2 - I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Another lovely song. It reminds me of mid-2004 though. A crush I should never have indulged. A person I probably shouldn't have fallen for...
      • Backstreet Boys - The perfect fan. Aww, a sweet song they wrote for their mums. I love my mummy too...
      • Goo goo dolls - Before it's too late. This song's from the Transformers soundtrack, but it's such a beautiful love song. We very almost played it at our wedding.
      • Sixpence none the richer - Kiss me. This song will always remind me of Dawson's Creek. Love the song, loved the show.
      • Rod Stewart - Maggie May. Quite a disturbing song when you think about it.
      Well, that wasn't too bad, considering I was flicking through all the songs on my iPod and not a playlist! It could have played a heap of Scott's songs rather than mine, but it didn't. There we go, you now know how terrible my taste in music is.