December 07, 2010

Xmas part one

(I wonder how many "Parts" this one will have? Aaaanyway...)

Well, it's December. This time last year, I was pregnant with Ianto (not quite "heavily pregnant" yet, but getting there...) and looking forward to 2010 and the joys I thought it would bring. HA! Little did I know, hey?

My belly on Xmas day 2009 - 23w pregnant with Ianto.
Our annual Santa photo - we thought it would be our last without a child in the picture. This year will feature my significantly larger bump and Ianto's teddy bear.
I went to Ianto's grave last week, put some small decorations up to make it look a little more festive (and less bare)... I want to keep adding to it, but I'm not sure how.

Overview of the whole thing
This time next year, we WILL have a headstone here. Hopefully. If we can get the money together...

I tried to get a better picture of the fairy lights, but you can hardly see them...

And so concludes "Part One"

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  1. sending you love. The Angel statue you have for Ianto is beautiful! Love the Holiday decor ♥


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