December 28, 2010


Ten has long been my favourite number. I have so many connections to it:
  • The first three letters of my name (to the point that my nickname used to be Ten-Ten)
  • I was born on the tenth of June
  • I was the tenth grandchild born to my mum's parents
  • When I played basketball, I was number 10
...and many others. A lot of things in my life boil down to the number ten. Even the dates of Ianto's death and birth. 26/2, the day he died. 2+6+2 = 10. He was born on the 28th. 2+8 = 10. He was born in 2010. I always knew I would have a baby in 2010. Actually, I thought it would be my second baby, because I planned to start having kids around 20 and space them out by three or four years. Not exactly how it ended up, obviously, but I was still right.

Another ten? It's been ten months since Ianto was born.

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