December 14, 2010

I think I'm in love... with the hospital?

I had three hospital appointments yesterday. They all went heaps better than I expected they would. I'm so surprised how smoothly things are going at the hospital, especially given how opposed I was to even having a hospital birth. Still, here's hoping #3 gets to be born at home...

The Hospital Tour: Went very well, the birthing rooms aren't as scary as I thought they might be. MASSIVE bath in every room (guess where I'm insisting on labouring?) and a very comfy atmosphere. They encourage you to labour in the bath, though I didn't get to ask if I'd be allowed to actually birth in there. I was a little worried when they said the two rooms without baths are kept for women who are high-risk, but I'm hoping they don't mean me. Surely they wouldn't?

The postnatal ward looks fantastic, though I know my poor mum won't be able to visit me unless I have the curtains closed (she's scared of heights)... They have double beds in there! I'm going to be able to co-sleep right off the bat, how fantastic is that? They're also very keen for all their patients to breastfeed, to the point where they don't even supply formula if you want to formula feed. If you're not going well with breastfeeding, they get a lactation consultant in for you. Given how adamant I am about breastfeeding Cookie, I'm really happy about that.

Breastfeeding an infantImage via Wikipedia
I was quite excited to see how comfortable everything looks, and that the middies seem to be the ones running the show instead of the OBs. Fills me with a little hope... They did say, however, that they usually only allow two birth partners per woman, and if you want more you have to really fight for it. I have three. Crap. And yes, I know they wouldn't have shown much of the negative, so I could be fawning over things that won't end up mattering to me. They might be horrible, really, but I have to hope they're not.

The Obstetrician Appointment: Very quick appointment, given the long wait *sigh...* I don't have Gestational Diabetes (yaaay) and the only small problem was the Northern still hasn't sent them my history so I have to go try to collect it myself. Idiots! Cookie's heartbeat sounded incredibly fast to me, but the doctor didn't seem worried so I suppose everything's okay. She said she's taking her annual leave soon so she most likely won't see me until after Bub is born. No big deal to me, I've only met her twice so I'm not attached to her. She seemed a bit dippy anyway. Which reminds me, she said we needed to arrange another ultrasound two weeks from now, but didn't give us a referral. Hmm... Must look into that...

The Psychologist Appointment: All went well, not really much to report there. She wants me to write down anything I might want to talk about before our next appointment. When she asked how I coped with losing Ianto, I wasn't quite sure what to say. I just told her I wrote a lot after it happened (well, I did! Look at how many blog posts I've done!) and slept a lot. No motivation to do anything. Ever.

Oh, goodness, speaking of sleep, I have been sleeping so much lately! The past three days, I think I've only been awake about 30% of the time.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and have just been reading some of your older posts. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is trouble free and you have a beautiful healthy baby. I had a miscarriage in February this year, and I was devastated at the time, however I am now 36 weeks pregnant and looking forward to bumpy joining our family.

  2. I am glad your journey with Cookie has so many positives and you are grabbing hold of the joy again.
    The postnatal rooms sound fab !
    I am in awe of your strength , keep writing it is the best therapy for soothing a hurting heart missing Ianto so much.
    It's the hardest thing so days to get motivated ...go easy on yourself :) sounds like you are doing fine.
    Sleep is good !

  3. It was very important to me to find a hospital i was comfortable with. I am so glad you seem to have found one. I do hope you get the home birth that you want! ♥


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