November 20, 2010

The photos arrived!

We finally got the last of the photos from the ACOCP! A massive thanks to Gavin Blue, who tracked them down for us and sent them. Ohh, I'm just so deliriously happy today, especially after the awful day I had yesterday (I was sick with hayfever all morning, then got worried about Cookie not kicking much, then to round it off I choked and spat tea all over my laptop.)

So, without further ado, here are my favourites - and be warned, a few are of Ianto's coffin.

Fixing up his little hat.

He could almost be yawning here, couldn't he?

Oh, I wish I'd had more time with those feet...

...those amazing, beautiful, perfect little feet.

My boy's hands.

One of many "last" kisses.

A few of the toys we had near/on his coffin during the funeral. If I remember correctly, Scott's dad convinced him to throw that dog into the grave before it was filled in. I'll never forgive him for that.

Screwing the lid down - notice the shape of the screws? A little rainbow-like, don't you think?

His little nameplate, which I've had some very odd dreams about...

The "blue" flowers. They were supposed to be the colour we had at our wedding, but somewhere along the line there was a miscommunication.

It could almost be a tissue box, couldn't it?

Saying goodbye - this time for good.

PS - Wouldn't you know it, the photos took TWO AND A HALF HOURS to upload (note to self, resize before uploading) and then the computer crashed (thank goodness for auto-saving!) so this is being published the day after it was supposed to be. Ah well, it was worth the wait.


  1. Oh Tenielle, those are some beautiful memories, thank you for sharing such a precious moment.

  2. Oh Tenille, I love Ianto's little nose in that first picture. I imagine you must have kissed it a zillion times. And even then its not enough.

    Evan has the same little white casket with blue lining. We didn't hold him at the funeral home. He was cold and a bit dewy looking. I didn't want my last memory of holding him to be holding his cold frozen body. I fussed over the blanket he was wrapped in, and his little blue jammies we dressed him in at the hospital and every bit that I could fuss over. I saw his little hand and it was so pale and stiff where days before I could get my finger into his little hand and he'd grip it ever so slightly. The last time I saw his little perfect cute body was when we left the funeral home. He arrived with the lid shut and screwed on, and his nameplate was engraved with his name. Oh how I miss his little feet too. Those feet that made my insides a bouncy house, that kept kicking me at night and bouncing around almost nonstop. At 30 weeks I was "over" being pregnant. I wish I had never said that had I known he wouldn't be with us long after birth.

  3. Oh Teni, what beautiful photos. He is such a gorgeous little boy. And he does look exactly like he is yawning in that photo!!

    Thanks for sharing. It makes me so sad to look at them, but it makes me smile too. He is so beautiful.

  4. Ianto is such a beautiful little boy Teni. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxoxoxo


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