November 22, 2010

I'm thinking of adding to the rainbow

Since getting my rainbow tattoo, I've felt something was missing in it. I'm going to be getting similar tattoos for all my other kids - sky/nature themed with hand/footprints, names, and dates of birth - and I want to put something in Ianto's to show that he died. But that's where I get stuck. How do I do that without ruining it? Before I decided on the rainbow, one of my ideas was to get the babyloss awareness ribbon - but I can't work out where it could fit into my existing tattoo now. Last night I thought maybe some words - but what? Angel wings - where would I put them (this was the forerunner before I remembered the footprint is horizontal)?

Of course, this won't be getting added until Cookie's able to go a few hours between breastfeeds so I can take an afternoon off to get it done. I'll be getting his/her commemorative tattoo done, and asking them to add to Ianto's rainbow. But I'd at least like to be prepared. So, anyone have any ideas for me? Here's a photo of it, in case you've forgotten what it looks like:

 And this is what I look like when I'm getting a tattoo, for your entertainment:

For those of you wondering, no, Scott's still been too much of a wuss to get his done. Also, if you've been wondering about when my husband is going to be having a tattoo, you really need to get a life. ;) Actually, what's been stopping him is the lack of money to do it. The price of mine came out of the baby bonus (yeah, we're so bogan we spend our government money on tatts!) but his will have to be saved up for. I think he's still undecided on which design he wants. Maybe he'll even wait til we're finished having kids, and combine all names/birthdays/symbols into one big tattoo, who knows at this point... I'm just impatient.

My original "tatts for kids" plan, before we even conceived Ianto, was to have all their names written on me in Scott's handwriting. I don't really believe in getting partners' names tattooed (until maybe your 20th anniversary or something so you're really, properly committed) so it was a way of getting his little mark on me while keeping his name off me. Sometimes, when we've really had a big fight (doesn't happen often, but it does happen), I occasionally regret getting our surname tattooed as part of Ianto's rainbow. What if Scott and I divorce and I go back to my maiden name? What if I remarry and my other kids have a different surname?

Sometimes I regret it without the argument - It might be only four letters, but it's still taking up space, ink, and money. I'm going to have to get all the kids' full names on me now. Kinda regretting deciding on Cookie having two middle names. S/he was going to have two if s/he was a girl anyway, but only one as a boy. Without going into too much detail, there's a reason a second has been added into our boy name. All will be revealed when s/he's born, I promise!

Wow, this is the longest post I've done in a while, isn't it? That's what happens when I get going - and here's hoping it happens a lot more from now on. I want to keep typing, even now, but I have an ultrasound in the morning and I need sleep. That's if Cookie lets me, of course - I swear a party starts in my belly every night around midnight lately!

PS - Is it just me, or does my blog take a while to load lately? Do you think I need to take a few things off, make the design a little simpler?

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  1. Could you get the babyloss awareness ribbon, next to the the bottom of the rainbow? Could they tattoo it overlapping a bit of the rainbow and cloud?


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