November 25, 2010

I have a cute baby.

I have the cutest child in the world,already! I mean, of course we knew Cookie would be cute, but my ultrasound on Monday (at 23 weeks) gave us the most gorgeous in-utero picture I've ever seen:

My friend Lily, my doula, said that this is a definite "girl smile."

S/he seemed quite intent on playing with the umbilical cord as well, which was fun to watch. Not so much when the ultrasound lady needed him/her to stay still a moment while she checked the blood flow in and out. She had to get someone else to come and check it as well, because every now and then there was an extra thud, or it would skip one. Nothing to worry about though, thankfully.

The cyst in Cookie's brain has disappeared though! Completely gone. I wasn't worried too much about it, but I'm still very glad to be rid of it. The doctor said it could have just been that one of the veins in the brain grew a little faster than the ones around it, so now it's slowed down to catch up. All good.

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