November 22, 2010

Haven't been tagged in a while

Kara at "Random Musings" (another DBM) tagged me a little while ago for this, but I've only just found it (as I'm a twit and thought I was following her, but got her confused with someone else...)

I have to answer eight questions, ask another eight, and tag eight other bloggers. Yaaay! Here goes...

1.  What is your absolute all time favorite read?
Coat of arms of Hogwarts, the fictional school...Image via Wikipedia
*blush* I am a Harry Potter tragic, so I'm going to go with that.
2.  Favorite season?
I always have trouble with this one... uuumm... Ah, bum, all of them. Summer I can swim (and it has Xmas and New Year's in there, my two favourite holidays), Autumn has nice weather, Winter has my birthday (my other favourite "holiday"), and Spring has my wedding anniversary.
3.  What struck you the most on your wedding day?
Good: How much fun my wedding and reception were. I loved it!
What's that? "It's not too bad"? He didn't take this one. I did. It's almost the only photo of my flowers.
Bad: How awful our photographer was. I hate my wedding photos :( He was so pushy, and nothing like he was supposed to be.
4.  When you go to the mailbox, you get a letter from a long lost friend. Who are they and how did they become a "long lost" friend?
I'd hope it's Sandy. I suppose she's not that "long lost" because we talked last in June, but we went from "never being apart" to "only speaking once or twice a year at most" within the space of about six months. One of the hardest points of this year was telling her about Ianto.
5. Which class in high school did you think "when am I ever gonna use this in real life?" and now you find out you've actually had to use it?
I always thought that in Maths. And I was mostly right! I just use multiplication a lot more than expected.
6.  Vacation in the mountains or vacation at the beach?
Mountains. I hate the beach most of the time now.
7.  Going out for a night on the town? What are your favorite hotspots?  
Ooh, good question!
Me as I am now - nothing more drastic than Pancake Parlour and the movies (maybe TGI Fridays if we really want to spice it up, haha)
Me a few years ago - the Commercial pub in South Morang, on a Friday night with that live band, a Smirnoff Twist in hand (blood orange or lime flavour, please, heehee)

8.  What was your favorite childhood playground toy? Slides, swings, teeter-totter, sand pit, monkey bars, etc?
Swings, swings, ans more swings! Ohh, especially the ones at Bundoora Park where you sat on one, and had someone push the other one around and around... Loved it!

Because I'm lazy, and it's almost 4am (yeah, I lied in my last post, I had no intention of sleeping) I'm just going to make the people I tag answer these questions and not make up my own...

Now to tag my eight victims... (I'll just put the blog names, because I'm not bright enough to know everyone's name and don't want to stuff up *blush*)
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  3. Family from the Fringes
  4. Just Me
  5. BM I don't care
  6. Diminishing Lucy
  7. Random Ramblings of a SAHM
  8. Unperfect Life

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