November 27, 2010

Flog Yo Blog... Saturday?

I don't usually participate in Lori's Flog Yo' Blog Friday, but I just felt like it right now. I don't actually have anything to say in this post, but feel free to yell at me for doing it on a Saturday instead of Friday!

Oh, and welcome to anyone who's jumping over here from anywhere else in the bloghop. I hope you enjoy my blog, even though I talk about having a dead kid 'n' stuff. Hey, if it works for The Redneck Mommy, it can work for me. I just hope one day I can inject the kind of humour she does into things. Maybe that'll have to wait until this baby's born.

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  1. Hi Tenielle, I just read the comment you left over on another blog (about smashing the figurine) and I thought it was very powerful. I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for your loss. I don't know what it is to lose a child, I can't even imagine.

    It's funny, I wrote recently about my experience with domestic violence. I started the story telling about how I threw a glass against a wall. I had never thrown anything before and haven't since, and no one was around when I threw it, but it was such a release. I know what you mean about it being satisfying. Unfortunately for me, it triggered my husband's anger and led to an assault a few days later.

    Anyway, when I read that, I was really moved by it. I could feel your grief and your anger and I just wanted to come by to express my condolences. I am glad to know you are pregnant again. Wishing you health and happiness.


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