November 02, 2010

A celebrity joins the ranks

It's always tough to hear about new people joining the ranks of "the stillbirth club" but I think it might be a touch harder when it's a celebrity. Mostly because, while we "normal" people can hide away until we feel ready to face the world again, people in the public spotlight don't get that luxury.

Poor Lily Allen's second baby has been stillborn. Her first was an early miscarriage, and like many other people, once she got further along, she would have relaxed, been more comfortable. But alas, she lost her precious little boy. The news reports I've read say "six months" but that's no real indication, is it? Pregnancies are measured in weeks now, not months. In one direction, I'm about five months pregnant. In the other, four. So in England, where Ms Allen lives, her little boy could be passed off as a "late miscarriage" (their official mark for it being stillbirth and not miscarriage is 24 weeks, whereas here it's 20 weeks.)

Even now, the news reports on the side (that my handy little widget is suggesting I link to) can't decide. One says "Lily Allen suffers second miscarriage" while another says "Singer's second baby stillborn"... Although I know I'm just adding to it by commenting on such a tragic event, I feel we should leave the poor lady alone until she feels ready. But the papparazi won't stand for that, especially the English tabloids (the most ravenous for any story, happy sad or otherwise...)

I just feel so sad for her, I knew she'd had a previous miscarriage and I was thrilled to hear she was pregnant again. Especially when I found we were due around a month (or twoish) apart. Just too sad.

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  1. Sometimes there just no fairness in the world :(


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