October 19, 2010

Would you donate?

Reading someone else's blog about her 18-year-old son who died, I suddenly remembered something. I'm not sure if it was the week of or the week before Ianto's death, but Scott and I had a conversation about organ donation. We're both on the Organ Donor Register, and the conversation turned to "if one of our kids dies, would we donate their organs?"

Yep. We actually talked about that. I think I was for it and Scott was against. Strange how I went from thinking that to not even wanting an autopsy. Thinking about it now, I think if I'd been given the choice I would have said no. They would have needed to take him away as soon as they could to be able to take his organs, so we wouldn't have had the time we did with him. I doubt the option was even there - I don't think they take organs from stillborn babies, do they?

That said, I think if an older child died I would say yes. As long as we got a satisfactory goodbye, I would donate my child's organs in a heartbeat. I would love knowing my pain was being turned into such a beautiful gift for someone else's child.

Sigh... I promise one day this blog will be a happy place where you don't have to worry about these kinds of posts! Cookie's going well, by the way.

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