October 09, 2010

Feeling sick and down in the dumps

Ugh. I am not feeling well today. Nothing to do with pregnancy, though, I apparently have inflamed tonsils that are possibly infected. Oh, yay. Got these lovely white dots/lumps in the very back of my throat, and (TMI alert) I think one of them has popped because I can feel/taste something icky. Ewwww! (TMI over) I haven't been feeling unwell until today, however, so I think we picked it up early and I'll be okay. No posting from my deathbed or anything.

Okay, pregnancy news now. I'm still pregnant. Um... Nope, that's about all the news I have. Kidding! I've been feeling little kicks every now and then, which is just amazing. It wasn't that long ago that I doubted I'd be feeling that again. Want to see some pictures?
Look at that cute little face!

My bump.

Kinda related news - one of my dear friends has just found out she's expecting as well! I'm absolutely thrilled for her. I won't go into any details (not my place) but it's been a long and tough journey for her and she and her fiancé really deserve this baby. She's actually going to be the one to announce when Cookie is born, as well as actually being there as part of my birth team. Would you believe we only just met this year? And that we've only met face-to-face three times? Well it's true, so believe it.

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