September 13, 2010

I'm still waiting.

Very important update before you read this post - I did end up getting the photos, and I'm eternally grateful to Gavin Blue (the now-President of the group) for tracking them down for us. Here's the link to the post from the day they arrived. 

The ACOCP has also changed its name to Heartfelt, so please go visit and support them in any way you can. I know it wasn't their fault the photos took so long to arrive. All that matters to me is that they did. What happened to me was definitely a one-time thing.

I've been putting this post off, because I want to believe in humanity. But it's just been too long.

We still don't have the rest of the photos from the ACOCP. From what I can tell, it's not the fault of the group, it's the photographer's fault. She's either gone missing, has been in hospital, fired... something. I'm scared we'll never get to see these photos. The Heartfelt exhibition was cancelled/postponed, too, because everything that seemingly happened with her happened just before that was meant to be going ahead.

She was the President of the group. It's this fact that makes me think she's done a runner or something and they just don't want it to become public. Her business page has even gone missing. PLUS I got an email the other day from someone asking me if I know what's happened - from someone whose wedding she's supposed to be shooting sometime next year!

I really hope there's an innocent explanation for this.

In other news, everything's going well with my pregnancy. I'm 13 weeks now!


  1. :( I have been hearing way to many photographer scammer's lately I really really hope that your able to get your photos!

    Yay 13 weeks!!

  2. Oh no!! ACOCP dont have copies do they? I hope you can find out what has happened, and get your pics, because that is just horrible

  3. Hi Tenielle,

    I still haven't forgotten about you. Ianto's photos are high on the list of things we are trying to get access to.
    I have been chasing the designer and today got the low res images from the designer of the exhibition though. I will send them through now.

    Gavin Blue

  4. Hi Tenielle (and readers),
    I did track down and get access to the photos of Ianto. She now has the precious prints and DVD of all files.
    Gavin Blue, Heartfelt President
    (formerly the ACOCP)

  5. Oh, thanks Gavin, I forgot to come back and edit this post with an update :) Thanks so much again for tracking the photos down, they're so much appreciated...


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