July 15, 2010

What an… interesting… holiday

I'm typing this currently flying over New South Wales on our way back from our two-week holiday in Brisbane. It was interesting to say the least! We pretty much did nothing up there we wouldn't do at home. Well, we went to Movie World. And tried to go to a koala sanctuary. Other than that… nothing but sleep, eat, go on the computer, and occasionally go to the shops. Wow. Fun. I'm not being sarcastic at all (lies!)

Movie World was pretty good. Last time I went there was 12 years ago on my very first trip to Queensland. We made sure to take Ianto's bear with us, and got lots of photos with characters holding him. We figured, if Ianto was with us, he'd have been getting photos with them, so why not the bear? It was nice. I'm pretty sure the actor inside the Sylvester suit caught on to why we were asking for those photos – he (she?) held the bear up to his/her face – the part they can see out of – and read the back of teddy's jumper. It says "Loved, Missed, Treasured" so it's fairly obvious it's for someone who's died. He/she did this just as I said "it's for our son." Pretty clear, really.

I had a bit of a cry on the plane on the way to Brisbane, though. We originally booked the trip so Scott's mum and stepdad could meet "Smudge." We booked the tickets at the start of February. He was supposed to be with us. Instead we had to leave him behind and go by ourselves. I was looking out over the clouds (it's so gorgeous watching the sun set from a plane!) thinking that if there is a heaven, that would be about as close as we'll be to him for a very long time. Yes, me, psycho atheist/agnostic thought for a moment about heaven! Shock! Horror!

Something else happened while we were up there, but I'm going to keep it off the blog for a little bit until I'm ready to tell that story. It deserves its own full post.

Thanks for being so patient with me, I know it's been a while between posts. I really do love you all!


  1. I love that you took his bear with you and even more so that someone took the time to read him. And although you had to leave his physical self at home, I have no doubt in my mind that he was with you every step of the trip. xo.

  2. I would love to see a picture of this bear...


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