July 19, 2010


I think I've broken my foot. I was putting together some furniture last night (yeah, I was that bored) and dropped a huge lump of wood on it. It's come up in a massive bruise and still hurts like hell, around 10 hours after it happened. Owiiieeee!

We have new neighbours again at the cemetery. Yesterday we went to visit Ianto, and I saw the fresh graves... I broke down, it was terrible. It was the first time I've properly cried for all the other parents of these kids. It just hurt like hell, knowing they were going through similar to what I'm getting through. I wasn't crying for myself for once, I was crying for people I'd never met and never will. There should be no such thing as a childrens' section in a cemetery. Kids aren't meant to die.

On the TTC front - "Aunt Flo" hasn't shown up. I'm scared now, but I'm out of peesticks and we don't have enough money to buy any right now...

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  1. Haha, what a silly bum. The "furniture" I dropped on my foot was the cot!


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