May 26, 2010

My day at the cemetery - Part One

A story in pictures (lots of pictures!)
Warning, this post contains a LOT of photos of people's graves - the majority around 50-150 years old. I took photos of headstones that caught my eye, and I'm sharing only a select few.

Guess what time these first photos were taken? Mid-afternoon?

Twilight? Nope. 8:50am this morning.
I visited my great-grandfather...

...met a butterfly...
...and of course, visited Ianto.

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"Love ruled her life" - I want something like this on my headstone when I go.

Eric died 35 years after his daughter, Beryl 57 years, yet they were buried with her.

The smallest grave marker I've ever found - this was about 3cm high.

Poor Mir(r)iam, if it wasn't bad enough she's buried with her dad...'s sure how to spell her name!

104 years old, in 1924? That's one hell of an achievement!

I'm hoping "our little pet" is something parents used to say fondly of their children - otherwise there's something really wrong going on here.

Ah, poor Fredrick couldn't keep his Dorothys straight! If I'm reading this correctly, he married two Dorothys and one Dorothea, plus had a daughter Dorothy?

This photo came out so nicely! I love it...

That poor mother, losing two sons within a few months of each other...

What company/businessman would donate a headstone these days?

Poor Jane died two days after her 10th birthday...

...and Patrick made it to 100! Another 100+ person in the 1920s!

10 years, 8 weeks, and 33 years - I think these are two brothers and a sister?

These two don't seem to even be related, but they're both babies...



  1. This is a really fascinating post, Teni. I never considered that a cemetry could be such an interesting place to visit. There are so many stories and so much history ... amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. In year 12 I did a religious education project on our cemetry and it was just amazing the information that they hold. It was terribly sad to see how run down and forgotten a lot of the graves were though. =(


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