May 28, 2010

My birthday list

Completely self-indulgent post, feel free to skip this one!

What Tenielle would like for her birthday in 13 days (not that she's counting or anything) but doesn't really expect anyone to get her so she's making a list of things she's gonna buy herself when she gets money:
  • A positive pregnancy test (one with my own pee on it, thanks, I don't want someone else's peestick)
  • A nice big bottle of Blackmores Conceive Well Gold (tm) or Elevit (or similar)
  • A proper thermometer to take my temps every morning - I'm currently using a baby thermometer which is bloody difficult to read.
  • A nice big bag of ovulation tests and/or one of those Maybe Baby thingies I've heard so much about
  • Glee, Castle, and/or Big Bang Theory DVDs (hey, not everything I want is to do with conception!)
  • A print-out of Ianto's Name in The Sand picture
  • Some nice picture frames
  • Lots and lots of money so we can afford to put a headstone on Ianto's grave. 
  • A bumper sticker/t-shirt/anything that tells the world I'm an angel's mummy
  • A foot spa
  • A Poffertjes maker (I've seen these in the shops, I WANT ONE! Love the little bastards...)
Hmm... might come back to this later as more ideas hit me...

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  1. Have you seen the stick figure family bumper stickers? They also have angel babies that you can include when you order one. Just a thought.

    I hope you get spoilt rotten on your birthday :)


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