May 23, 2010

Ianto's name in the sand

If anyone hasn't heard of the wonderful "To write their names in the sand" I suggest you run over there now and check the site out. Don't worry, I'll wait. Are you back yet? Hurry up... Okay.

Depending on how much you read when you left me just then (boo hoo), you may have seen that one has been done for Ianto. If not, here's the photo:

If you click the photo, it links to the direct page of Ianto's name in the sand.


  1. Gorgeous - such a beautiful sunset for a beautiful boy

  2. So pretty :)

    We had a name written in the sand for a friend's little girl that was born still in September at 42weeks. It's such a beautiful memorial.

  3. Beautiful Teni. Names in the Sand does such amazing work.

  4. Beautiful... just beautiful ...

  5. Absolutely breath taking! She does an amazing job!!!


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