May 10, 2010

A Happy belated Mothers Day to all!

Whether you're a babylost mum, or the usual type of mum, an adoptive mum, a mum-to-be, an auntie-acting-as-a-mum, whatever, a huge Happy Mothers Day to you (for yesterday)!

My day? You want to hear about my day? Are you sure? *sigh* okay...

It was bad. I woke up to the sultry sounds of... Scott playing his Xbox. Sigh. So no breakfast in bed for me. No card waiting by my pillow... After a little bit of me sooking, we went next door to visit my mum (I've mentioned our new home is next door to my parents', haven't I?) and gave her her card and presents. I waited. No-one wished me a happy mothers day. Oh well. A lot of people on facebook had said it, a few had sent me text messages. That could tide me over until someone said in in real life.

After that, we went to visit my nan. Gave her her card. Waited. Nothing.

Nan mentioned my pa and uncle were at the cemetery fixing up her dad's grave. So Scott and I set off for there to say hi, and to visit Ianto. I bought some flowers (white for once, instead of my usual blue). I had a little cry at his grave, a bit of a grump when some people nearby were talking really loudly... and still nothing.

All this time, my favourite forum was down all day, so I couldn't even vent there. It built up and up and up... I started crying in little bursts, hiding it quickly. There was no reason to be upset... right? Scott was waiting to surprise me... right?

Nope. He wasn't. He went up to Coles to get some milk and maybe something for dinner, at which point I commented on my facebook status from a few days ago that he had remembered Mothers Day, but I still didn't have anything to show for it. He sent me an angry reply, something about us not having enough money for a proper celebration, what did I want from him? I exploded. What did I want? I wanted him to acknowledge me as a mum. I wanted him to say Happy Mothers Day. I wanted him to think about how he hurts my feelings all the time when I'm expecting something from him and he doesn't deliver.

He came back. We didn't speak to each other for a few minutes. I was still angry at him for being so insensitive. He set a block of chocolate down next to me (my favourite kind, and too expensive for us to get too often these days) and roughly said "there's your mothers day present."

I, of course, promptly broke down into tears again and ran off to the toilet (it's the only door in this place that locks) to cry in solitude. Came out, he was cleaning up. I started helping, was told not to because "it's not your job today"... Sigh. It's supposed to be my job every day!

After that, we didn't really talk about anything. As always, we ignored the problem and it went away. Bellybelly came back up, we had dinner at mum's place, everything was okay again.

So, that was my Mothers Day. How was yours?


  1. Oh Teni. Happy Mother's day hun. Huge *hugs*

  2. Oh sweetheart - I am so sorry for your day. I wanted to get onto BB to wish you a special mother's day - we don't cross paths often but I think of you everyday

    My love and thoughts and a belated happy mother's day xoxoxox


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