April 30, 2010

Two "decorations" and a canvas

I've been looking for a little while for something to display Ianto's name on his grave. Since I couldn't find anything good enough (or they were too expensive for what they were) I decided to make my own. And here it is.
Okay, well, I painted the letters and glued them onto the board, but still...
Because I was buying the letters and board seperately and wasn't sure which size letters would be able to fit onto the board, I bought two different size Is and took them to the other shop to test them out. The smaller ones fit, but now I was stuck with an extra I. So I bought a little canvas to paint and glue that onto. It turned out great, and we're planning to put it in the display cabinet with some other little things we've bought or been given to remember Ianto by.

If anyone wants to buy something similar, I've decided to sell them on eBay. I'll post the link in the comments because it doesn't want to work here.

Also, unknown to me, my uncle was working on a gravestone type thing for Ianto too. This one goes flat in the dirt (like a paving stone) so my wooden one will hang above it on a couple of garden spikes.

That's all from me, sorry I haven't been too chatty lately. Not much to say, I suppose.


  1. The link to the eBay listing:


  2. Wow, they all look great...awesome job!

  3. What a lovely thing for your Uncle to do. It is beautiful. They are all lovely. xo

  4. I just saw this post. They are gorgeous Teni. Well done!


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