April 14, 2010

Still moving...

We're almost nearly halfway through moving things from our storage locker to our new home. It's been a nightmare - we don't have any display cabinets or anything to put ornaments, we have piles of clothes that need to be washed before being put away (but a washing machine filled with dog hair), no bench space left to put bits and pieces... Ohh what a nightmare. Can't someone else do it? Look at this mess!
Isn't it terrible?

Moving on to other news, we've had some bad news in our little friend circle. I won't go into too much detail, but a friend is separating from his wife. He's probably moving out of their shiny new house to go live with his parents again (I reckon she should get chucked out, not him, but that's a whole new story) - so Scott and I are considering letting him stay with us for a little bit while things get sorted. HOWEVER, we're not sure where he would fit. Although there's three bedrooms in our new place, one is the "entertainment room" (where Scott can play Xbox and I can read/blog)... And the other is where all the baby stuff is going in preparation for another baby.

Before the questions start, no, I'm not pregnant again (to my knowledge) but getting this room set up is still something I want to do. I was planning to have it started by the time I get pregnant again, then just keep adding to it throughout my pregnancy until finally we bring a baby home. I want it to be perfect. I want it to be a celebration of the life coming into it, as well as the life that will never get to see it.

Oh, back to our friend for a moment. To cheer him up, we went to play lasertag, two days in a row. My legs are killing me, by the way. On the way there, I saw a little peek of a rainbow before it faded away. It was lovely. And then I realised... I had hardly thought of Ianto all day. He was at the back of my mind, but it was the first time since everything happened that the thoughts of him weren't choking me. I think he knew, and wanted to remind me of him. Like I could forget!

I really should be getting to bed. Hope everyone's well!

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