April 26, 2010

A post NOT about babyloss! Amazing!

I'm going to do a few of these blogger game things I've seen everyone playing on their own blogs every now and then. Here's my first.

Sarah at {just me} has challenged her readers to re-post their first blog post. I reckon it would be boring if I posted "Ianto's Life Story" again, since it was only a couple of months ago, so I'm going to reach faaar back into the internet and pull out my very first blog... on MySpace. It's not so much a blog as it is a "someone said something nasty about my favourite author and I wrote them a nasty letter then posted it on my blog"... Here goes.

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April 11, 2006

If I were lazy, I would simply point you in the direction of the Harry Potter site Mugglenet, and the comments posted about your article titled "If you loathe the 'skinny obsessed' world so much, JK, why did you make evil Dudley Dursley so FAT? Or even the comments posted there about JK Rowling's original article. But I am not a lazy person.
Unlike your reporter, who according to you has a "Harry Potter-mad family", I have actually read the books. In fact, I would deem myself a Potter expert. Therefore, I feel as though I am entitled to point out some glaring mistakes in the article, least of all the spelling of our hero's mother's name - Lily.
First and foremost, the subject of Dudley Dursley's weight. Dudley is a self-absorbed, mean, greedy brat. Now, have you ever known any lazy, greedy children to be skinny? I doubt it. His mother and father spoil him rotten, feeding him all the time. He is also a bully who gets his own way all the time. So it naturally follows that he is, as you put it, "Revoltingly fat, stupid and violent."
Next, Harry's weight. Harry is the opposite of Dudley. He is neglected his whole life, until he is eleven years old. His cousin hits and bullies him. He gets the smallest amount of food and is forced to live in a cupboard. I'd hardly expect him to be fat, or even a normal, average weight. If I were to close my eyes and image any child living in those conditions, I would image a person like Harry - Self reliant, and yes, unhealthily thin. Thus, Molly Weasley fusses over him when he goes to stay at the Burrow. He is even described as getting a little bit more of a healthy weight after eating at the Weasleys' house.
You also bring up the subject of that poor little Hogwarts student, Marietta. "Is that her fault?" you ask, referring to her horrible acne. Well, as a matter of fact, yes, it is. If you had read a little more on the subject, it is clearly stated that she has the pimples across her face in the formation of the word "SNEAK" for that exact reason - she is a sneak. She had given away the whereabouts of a secret group Harry headed to the enemy. Now, as this is a magical setting, she had a magical punishment.
Ah, and Hermione. Not once do I think she is referred to as pretty. In fact, her main physical features described are her bushy hair and buck teeth. She is just an ordinary girl. She is a huge bookworm. I think the only reason you may have gotten confused is that Emma Watson, a very pretty girl, was cast as Ms Granger. And for good reason - That is the way the movie industry works.
There are many villains and heroes in the Harry Potter books. But the worst villain of all is of course the evil Lord Voldemort. Is he "fat"? Is he an average weight? No. He is thin. He is the picture of evil and he is thin. He is described as looking like a skeleton with some skin on. In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, we see a little into Voldemort's past, to when he was known as Tom Riddle. As he delves more into evil, he is described as becoming more gaunt (also his mother's surname) and with sunken cheeks. This does not suggest to me that "fat" people are evil.
The villains in the books have a range of weights. From Voldemort's "long, thin fingers" all the way down to Dudley Dursley's large, drooping bottom. The heroes have their weight differences too. As already pointed out, Harry is thin. Neville Longbottom (who by the way is not a "stammering victim") is described as having a round plump face. Mrs. Weasley is plump. Most characters' sizes are not even known. Who's to say Hermione is not a size 18?
In conclusion, I would like to say that I have never read an article written with so much blatant disregard for the facts. No, I am not so blind that I believe that the world of Harry Potter is the world we live in. I know it is fiction. But what I do know is that any reporter attempting to attack any part of the books and their message, or any message from JK Rowling, should read the books first. Otherwise they'll get fans like me, from a different country to where the article was published, writing letters like this defending their favorite author.
From (And I put my name and adress here)

...Yeah. So, I've shown myself to be a massive Harry Potter fan.

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  1. Woah, I was wrong! I won't go back and edit my post, but I found an older blog of mine. Here's the (boring) intro I did:

    Well, I thought I may tell you about myself, as I've just read a friend's and she put a lot of information that I realised I should put in my blog.
    Well, my name will remain a mystery in here because I hardly ever give my real name out to strangers on the Net. But my nickname is Tenten. I'm a student at NMIT in Fairfield, studying Small Companies and Community Theatre. Getting ready for a show next Thursday, which promises to be fun. As all shows are to me. I love performing.
    Well, can't be bothered typing anymore. Cya.


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