April 06, 2010

Plodding along

No real point to today's blog. There's not actually much on my mind, I just felt like writing. But what? I could say how much I've been thinking about Ianto, but if I did that every time I blogged, it'd get boring. I think it's a given that I think about him constantly.

At the moment, Scott and I are in a caravan out the back of my parents' place. It's nice, being so close to my family. Actually, tomorrow we're handing in an application to move in to the house next door, so it might be more permanent than we originally thought! According to Scott, the landlord was excited about having us apply, so we may be shoo-ins. Hooray!

My tattoo's healing nicely. It's starting to peel a little, but that's normal - or so I'm told. On Sunday night, Scott and I went to go see Adam Hills (more on that soon) and when we were heading home, a couple behind us started discussing how "obviously fake" my tattoo looked because it was starting to peel a little around the edges and it was shiny. It had had a recent application of cream on it. I was chuckling to myself and wondering if I should say something. I considered "Do you want me to pick at it to make it bleed?" but that may have backfired on me.

Ohhhh Adam Hills was awesome. Such a nice guy too. Click here if you'd like a rundown of the show we saw. At one point, he was telling us about how he met the Queen last year, and he stood next to Lady Gaga - then got three audience members to stand up and help him demonstrate how that went. Guess who got to be Gaga? Me! Aside from my "largeness", I think I made a great Gaga look-alike! I have blue hair at the moment, and I was wearing a bright rainbow dress, showing off my massive rainbow tattoo, so I reckon I was the closest he could get.

Okay, getting on a little bit of a soapbox now...

Also to do with Adam, he's raising money for the Simon Rhoden foundation at the moment. To do this, he's trying to make a member of his first-night audience a celebrity. I've donated a little bit of money, and I urge you to as well. It's a fantastic cause (as most "causes" are!) so please give a little, or join the facebook fan page for more information.

Off soapbox.

I'm starting to think - and I better do it quickly - that we should have some sort of party/celebration for what would be Ianto's due date on the 23rd. But I'm still not sure what. I know I'd like to do the balloon release, but what else? And how do I invite people? Would a lot of people come? Would it be too similar to a funeral and thus pointless? I need to think about it more.

That's all from me right now. Thanks for reading.

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  1. why not send birthday invitations and have a birthday party of sorts. balloon release somewhere beautiful, birthday cake and stuff? None of this is pointless. A lovely friend of mine lost her beautiful daughter at 23 weeks and we still celebrate her birthday each year. There are some people who won't get it, thats fine...they don't have to come.

    ok rambling...


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