March 04, 2010

Stupid body!

My damn body keeps playing tricks on me. Muscle twitches in my belly feel like kicks, cramps feel like labour pains (only a little easier to deal with!)

I just feel empty.

Last night I slept on my back with my hands on my stomach, and it just felt so flat. It felt like Ianto's belly did, actually, his was fairly flat and soft...


  1. I followed your link from BB.. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. He is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story, especially so soon after. You are very brave.. My thoughts are with you and your family. Love Abby (Blessedatlast)

  2. Gosh reading this just mde me think of my first week after Zak died.
    Those little twitches that make you smile for just a second before you rmeember that your baby is not alive.
    I remember waking in the first week each morning and for a few seconds I would still think I was pg.
    Life is so unfair

  3. Eleven years to the day since I lost my little Lucy. Only chance I got at having a girl. Miss her so much sometimes. Am with you, Hun, thinking of you. Time does heal but it never leaves you completely. Don't let anyone else tell you how to grieve, its personal. Just understand you are not alone.


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