March 31, 2010

New neighbour - warning, contains photos of Ianto's grave

Ianto's getting a new "neighbour" tomorrow, a little baby boy named Matthew. Not much information, obviously, but now we won't be the "new kids on the block", so to speak. So sad that "our" little part is filling so quickly.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for Ianto's headstone. It won't be getting ordered for a while, but I want to make sure I'm prepared. Those on the facebook fan page will know, I went to the cemetery today and took a few photos of other graves to get ideas. Obviously they're for my personal use, I'd never dream of posting photos of someone else's grave online without permission. Ianto's, on the other hand....

This is the flag I put on his graveThe windmill Scott bought......and an overview of the whole grave.
Tomorrow I hope to go to the tattooist to get started on the final design for that - since we're "trying" again as soon as we can, I want to get Ianto's memorial tattoo before I'm pregnant again - probably jinxing myself by thinking it might not take us long...


  1. Is that one of the monkeys from Ashton? And his car? I use my phone and I can't see the pictures properly. There were three of the monkeys although I thought they may blow away with the wind. Ashton lied them all on top of each other with the car so very nicely. I hope that u find the right thing to put on his bedhead. :)
    xoxoxo Christy

  2. Yeah, it is :) I took two of the monkeys home.
    Some kinds of headstones, you can get little cabinets set in them, so I think I'll get one of those for all the little trinkets.

  3. It looks so pretty and happy :) Well as happy as a grave can be.

  4. You should see the ones directly opposite - there's three little girls in a row, and it looks like a fairy or something's been to visit them

  5. I think It's Beautiful. Your being so strong Tenielle, You should be really proud of yourself and Scott. You have been dealing with everything in a really great way. I think Ianto is a very lucky little boy to have you two as his parents. The grave should be a happy place, a place for you to go and remember your beautiful little boy. A fitting place for such a handsome little boy to rest.

  6. When i read this i am really am so glad that you have a grave. We didn't choose to do this and 3 years later it is my greatest regret. I also admire your strength, i am still not able to talk about it. I hope that i can be as brave as you soon. Thanks for sharing. xx


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