March 13, 2010

How today was supposed to go...

Today was meant to be my baby shower, and our housewarming. Instead, Scott and I slept in at my parents' place, and went window-shopping for another little something to put on Ianto's grave. It's really hitting home that all these little things we planned aren't happening. Ianto's death (that terrible D-word!) has affected so much - even that we're not moving into where we were meant to. I guess I should tell that story... I'll cut it down though, it's quite long.

We were living in a "granny flat" out the back of another family's house. It was a dump - no insulation, a joint lounge/dining/kitchen area, and worst of all - we had to keep the dog inside. So, she grew up doing her business on the floor in her area and it being cleaned up by us - well, Scott cleaned it up, I'll admit that I was lazy (and squeamish) and never really helped do that job. The family weren't that great as people, but we mainly stayed out of their way. They did a lot of things as landlords that we knew were immoral, but we've since found out were illegal - rent rises with no notice, etc...

Anyway, we were supposed to be moving into the larger house on the 27th of February. The week before that, however, the landlady told us that they needed "one more week" and then we would be allowed in. These dates should be familiar to anyone who's read all my posts so far... In preparation for the move, we put Angel (the dog) outside to start teaching her where she should "go".

Scott, having stayed with me on the Friday night that we found out Ianto's heart wasn't beating, went home on Saturday (the 27th) to grab a few things we thought we may need in hospital. He also cleaned up after Angel because neither of us had been home since Friday morning and she had "gone" on the concrete. He was accosted by the landlady's husband as he left - the husband wanted Scott to clean up after Angel. Scott explained that he had done, and the husband just kept repeating himself - "clean up after the dog, she poos everywhere, you need to put her inside again" - and being stubborn about not letting Scott leave. Eventually Scott snapped and told the husband that we'd just lost our baby and all he wanted to do in that moment was be back with me. At which point the idiot just repeated again that Scott needed to clean up after Angel, and if he didn't move her, he'd let her out of the gate to be lost. He didn't give a s**t what was going on in our personal lives. Scott stormed back in, put Angel in the back shed with some water and food, and left for the hospital.

A few days later, after all was done and we were home, we talked about it and decided that there was no way we were moving into that house and giving them our money if they would continue being a-holes about it. We wanted our bond money back. So Scott went and told them this, copping a huge amount of abuse.

Long story short from there, my mum camped out on their front porch until Scott got the money back, their son threatened to wreck our stuff, Scott found out that the legal period from notice to having to move is 28 days, and we're now living with my parents until we find a place to live. And we're reporting some of their illegal practises to the Rental Tribunal.

Ohhh, something else, I was meant to be shaving my head for charity at the party today in the World's Greatest Shave - but I was counting on more donations and I've only raised $30 out of my goal of $2000. So I think I might leave it for now, and explain to the organisers what happened. I'm happy with the $30 still going to the Leukaemia Foundation, and I never got any cash donations so there's nothing I have to return to people... But I feel horrible for not doing what I promised...

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